Friday, September 16, 2011

My SO Cute Recipe Box!

Happy Friday everyone!  Too bad I have to work tomorrow.  So I found such  a cute idea for a recipe box on Cleverly Inspired's Blog.  I have so many printed out recipes laying around the house and stuffed into my cookbooks that I needed a recipe box anyway.  I don't know about you, but to me, the best things that can be passed down through generations are recipes.  I especially love when people hand-write their recipes for me.  Seeing recipes in my Granny's and my mom's handwriting just brings back so many memories.  What I loved so much about this idea is that Tracie used her mother's handwritten recipes to make such a personal, sentimental recipe box.  I HAD to make one for myself.  So, I headed to Michael's and stocked up on all my supplies. 

This box took me a couple of days to make, just because I've been kind of busy and just worked on it when I had a few minutes to spare.  It turned out great!  I will tell you how to make one, but first, look at what I decided to whip out (I'm boycotting the weather!):
That smell just relaxes me and puts me right into fall.  Love it.  Anyway.  Moving on.

I started with a cardboard recipe box that I found at Michael's (in the unfinished wood section- they have cardboard stuff too).  I bought some red acrylic paint and painted the whole outside of the box and let it dry overnight. 
While the box was drying, I dug out handwritten recipes by some of my favorite people:  my mom, my dad, Aunt Peggy, Granny, and Aunt Sis.  Then, I made copies of them on my printer/copier and used cool-shaped scissors to cut out random sized pieces. 

The next morning, I glued on the recipe pieces randomly.  I painted Decoupage glue on the back of the paper with a paintbrush and smoothed the paper out as I placed it on. 

After I was satisfied with the way the box looked covered in the recipes, I painted on a coat of Decoupage glue to seal everything.  I painted it over the whole box with a sponge brush.  ***Be careful not to glue the box shut!  I almost did!***  I did 2 coats, letting it dry about 20 minutes in between coats. 

Once the box was completely dry, I got out my new toy!!!!
Heck yeah!  $2.49 at Michael's!  I love this little booger.  Anyway.  I used the hot glue gun to glue some (caaauuuute) ribbon around the rim of the lid. 
When I was at Michael's getting all of the supplies for this box, I found some adorable recipe cards (from Paula Deen!) for 50 cents a pack.  So I scooped up a few of those.  But for the life of me, I could not find recipe box dividers.  So I decided to make my own with some brownish-gold cardstock (looks like a paper bag in the picture, lol).  I measured the size of the box and cut out a pattern, then made 10 dividers. 
Then glued on some more of that cute ribbon! 
And now I have myself a way cool recipe box!  The hard part is going to be copying all of my hodgepodge recipes onto the cute cards.  I did a few today.  It's going to take awhile.  But the box looks perfect in my black and red kitchen!  Yay! 

If anyone has a recipe to add to the box, send it to me!  :) 


  1. The box turned out great! By the way, Angel is also currently burning Pumpkin Patch. I'm still burning Mountain Lodge (aka Hot Man!).


  2. Thanks! Pumpkin Patch is my favorite end of summer/fall/winter/beginning of spring candle. :) I love Hot Man (oops- Montain Lodge). <3