Sunday, January 3, 2010

Delay on the bagels....

Well, I figured out where to find diastatic malt syrup for the bagels!  NOWHERE!  I did find diastatic malt POWDER online (and apparently it has to be ordered online, as no stores sell it), and I found non-diastatic malt syrup online (which apparently, I need as well- to put in the water that you boil the bagels in).  So, I had to order both of those, plus some high-gluten flour from  (How weird is it to get groceries online?  It's hard to get used to that...).

Anyway, it should take a few days for all the stuff to ship, and as I'm a little anal-retentive and insist on baking my way through this book, I can't skip over the bagels.  So forgive me if I don't have another exciting baking adventure until after I return from Nashville.  :( 

Some fresh sesame seed bagels will sure be worth the wait though....!  Yay!

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